Megan Gallagher

I absolutely loved this course from beginning to end. I travelled from Donegal to Dublin and back every Sunday while working full time and it was more than worth it. Sharleen herself is a wonderful tutor, as are each of the lovely ladies she has working alongside her. I honestly could not recommend this course enough to anyone, I enjoyed every second of it. I’m sad to be finished, but delighted to be qualified.

Aoife Walshe

I can’t thank sharleen enough for running an amazing course. I still can’t believe that’s it all over now. The course was run so efficiently with so many amazing tutors, really giving you the best of all. Sharleen was fantastic and so understanding of working situations which made life that little bit less stressful. She was absolutely amazing and I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to work in the make up industry, or like myself doing it for me. Xx

Jodi May

Just finished a 3 month course with Sharleen. I loved every second of it! Thank you so much sharleen and all the other amazing tutors for teaching me so many new skills and building up my confidence with make up. If you’re thinking of becoming a makeup artist or even building on the skills you have this is the place to go!

Siobhan Perrin-Madden

Sharleen has been a fantastic teacher. I am just finishing up a 3 month course where my make up application has come on leaps and bounds. Sharleen’s direct approach has helped me so much. The class is fun yet you learn everything you need to know. When I was struggling with anything she would ensure I got a workshop or loads of practice in that area. I was initially only doing the course to improve my own make up application but I have become so good I now want a career in make up. Thanks Sharleen! x

Stacy Gehan

Literally just finished the 12 week course… what an amazing experience. I enjoyed every aspect of the course. The tutors are so knowledgeable and the content is so relevant. I am so glad I chose Sharleen’s academy to train…great training and amazing atmosphere.

Ellie Muntean

I am just finished up a 3 month course and I have to say I loved every minute of it, Sharleen has been a fantastic teacher. She helped me so much when I was struggling with everything. Such a kind person and helpful. I would recommend her course to all my friends. Thank you so much for all your help and support. Xx

Aoife Nolan

Just finished up my course in the academy and I have to say that I cannot recommend Sharleen and her academy enough to absolutely everyone the improvement in my skill and knowledge of makeup has come on leaps and bounds! I’m only devastated that such an amazing experience is now over. Gals and guys if you’re looking to become a makeup artist I am telling you to go to the academy, not only will you improve in your skills you will meet some amazing people along the way and have loads of new opportunities opened for you! So finally with this post I want to thank Sharleen for always making each class so amazing from the demos to the tutors, and also to the atmosphere she creates- she is genuinely one of a kind and you will learn so much with her!

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