Terms & Conditions

  • Deposits are non-refundable shall be credited against course fees.
  • Student is accepted for enrolment and on subject of condition the student will attend on date of commencement and time specified
  • Times and dates will be sent in an email to each student with receipt of completed forms registration/ fees / deposit
  • all fees quoted are exclusive vat
  • Balance of course must be paid in full 1 month prior to course commencement date
  • The directors or the academy reserve the right to change the commencement date of course due to subject availability
  • All cancelations of course must be paid 1 month to course start date minimum cancelation fee to the Itec Level 2 Certificate in Makeup is 800 euro
  • fees are not refunded through the act of god or terrorist attack
  • students who pre-order kits a deposit plus full balance must be paid within that month
  • should a student not complete course all fees remain payable
  • non-completion of course does not waive fee obligation
  • Should any student request a transfer they may do so within 30 days before course start dates.  the fees paid can be transferred
  • Deposits on course cancellations are not refunded
  • Decisions on late transfers and cancellations are at the sole discretion of Sharleen Collins Academy
  • Hours can be varied at the discretion of the management team of academy without prior notice
  • all students must hold 90% attendance rate to receive their certificate and complete their examination
  • If students fail to me 90% rate the student will require a doctors cert
  • Students will require to work on each other and have models for exams, shoots, Certain Makeup looks and mocks.
  • Sharleen Collins academy may not be used for any advertising what so ever.
  • Sharleen Collins Academy photographer bear the rights to the use of student images in duration of 45 years.  Images are the property of photographer acting on Sharleen Collins Academy behalf.
  • Sharleen Collins Academy will be closed on public holidays
  • In the event students are absent from class – students must team up in pairs of 3 for demos
  • Sharleen Collins academy are not required responsible if your model does not show up for photo shoot
  • An enrolment will not be accepted without a next to kin form
  • should a student fail to complete the course they will forfeit any fees paid and no refunds will be offered by Sharleen Collins academy under any circumstances
  • Makeup used is your own personal makeup only
  • Sharleen Collins academy does not take any responsibility for any allergic reactions due to the use of products or brushes in class.
  • These conditions shall form the entire basis of the contract between Sharleen Collins Academy and student.
  •  Now enrolling for Sharleen Collins ITEC Makeup course on
  • Now enrolling for Sharleen Collins ITEC Makeup course Day Evening